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Post  Souls Angel on Mon Sep 01, 2008 12:17 am

username:Souls Angel

forum name:Souls Angel

expirence:was mod on owner declined me admin since im a girl unfair but 90% of the people in that server would rather have me.then i quit and the server dystoried it self showing it needed me to stay up ( idk how the last line will help but sure )was admin on llambo...mod and brosforlife....
why u think u choosen:
I think i should be chosen for a few reasons.I am a very helpful person i do try to help anyone who eeds help.i am very responsible.I want also admin or mod because im on alot and i can iped or ban Syipkpkers or server crashers..I think im kinda suited for the job it is your choice however i will not abuse any powers given to me bounce
applying for: Mod-Admin
make me able to iped aswell im getting sick and tired of these skypkpkers im on alot so maybe i can iped them that would help the server a big time I love you

Souls Angel

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