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Pkaz's Mød/Admin Application|||///\\\\///\\\||| Empty Pkaz's Mød/Admin Application|||///\\///\|||

Post  Pkaz`'-_ on Mon Sep 01, 2008 4:22 am

username: pkaz

forum name: pkaz

expirence: Admin on 4 servers , owner of 1 and 5 years of all this

why u think u choosen: Because i love to help out with server and give good suggestions. Help new people to the server. I am great with helping people. I could help you get some nice codes and help you add some places for the server. [Funpk ftw]. I would really appreciate if you would make me a admin or moderator.

applying for: Mod


Pkaz's Mød/Admin Application|||///\\\\///\\\||| Ppt

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