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AlexHero Admin//Mod

Post  AlexHero on Wed Feb 25, 2009 4:48 am

Username: AlexHero

forum name: Legend aka AlexHero

expirence: 3 years

Why u think u choosen?: I am a very good work i work on my server "Nerds-R-Us" 24/7 is not up yet but it soon to be.
I also have to work on other forums but i would quit anyforum to be a mod//admin on this forums//Server. I can donate a client that i have been working on for the past 2 weeks. I have it up and running just need to make a few changes to put ur name into play. I also have been Giving out free admin as soon as my server sets up. I can double this server with tons of new members each day if i could.
I even go home sick to work on my server. I am waiting on a hoster and i would be able to help this server out. I can dedicate my self 24/7 enless i get grounded Razz . I hope to see you accept me cause im a very well rounded person.

Thank you,
Alex- Owner//Founder of "Nerds-R-Us Scape"

Applying for: Admin//Mod


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